Société De ReCHErche En Modélisation Et Environnement (Modelling and Environmental Research Company)

Nowadays, there is a high societal demand for the assessment of the impact of human activities on the environment, as well as a search for solutions. Most of the time, these assessments are complicated due to the nature of the systems studied and the time and space scales considered. Assessments can be for example on the impact of climate change or the green algae global issue.
Environmental problems are often caused by the development of human activities of which the impact isn't understood as it was not studied beforehand. In most cases, the issue is solved by simply removing the incriminated activity. However, this is rarely foreseeable and alternatives must be found. They mostly come down to adapting practices (in particular agricultural water quality practices). These adaptations cannot be carried out without a precise understanding of the systems, which is obtained through fundamental research. This enables the development of tools to assess the impacts of change and constraints on systems (e.g. human practices, a change of the external factors such as climate change).
SCHEME was developed around this idea.

We are a private research laboratory that offers a high level of expertise on modelling and on the environment.